“A vision to clothe visions, shapes and silhouettes,
To weave stories, to wed brides, to dance and pirouette”

12 years – a professional stylist and styling consultant, a decade of which I’ve spent developing my label ‘Sumaiya Merchant’ – established in 2007: Fashion itself is far from being my sole drive, though I continue to immensely learn from trends. Rather, my passion for creating clothing stems from my earliest memories of dressing dolls, knitting, and then growing to find in fabric a fitting canvas, for an insatiable need to create new forms and shapes.

Over the years, my customers have ranged from individuals seeking detailed customized pieces, performing artists, marketing agencies, well-known brands and lovely brides-to-be. Enriching experiences with each of these different requirements from customers, has come to define each category that I cater to.