“…From works to workshop – where dreams of dresses confide,
To dress dreams – my skill wills – the address to decide”

Situated in Byculla, South Mumbai, my workshop also comes attached with a walk-in boutique for customers to browse through my collection, discuss their requirements in-depth, or experience the process of their clothing requests taking meticulous shape. Inhabited by artisanal master cutters, embroiders, and tailors trained to understand my signature style, the workshop began when I realized that I wanted to be a part of the process – of creating each garment in-house – scratch to finish.

At my workshop, I’m as excited about bringing ideas customers may have to life, as I am excited about dabbling in my own experimental garment-creation. My process involves:

Closely listening to customers and understanding their personality, along with their requirement. I then directly source the fabric to the workshop, and in some cases I personally shop with the client to pick fabric that pleases them. Then I design and sketch the final product, post which I work closely with the pattern team. The cut pattern then goes to the embroidery team to create the design. If it is a customized piece, the client comes over for fitting before finishing touches are added.

My Team