“Hungry for creation my young hands cried,
Only to needle, thread, fabric, it opened wide…”

My passion for creating clothing stems from my earliest memories of dressing dolls, knitting, and then growing to find in fabric a fitting canvas, for an insatiable need to create new forms. Straight out of fashion school, I worked at a design and export house – where I learned firsthand a lot about embroidery and the technical details that go into constructing a garment.

After that I explored the fashion industry by styling for a plethora of TV commercials and still-shoots for various brands. And then finally the desire to work with and grow along with various artisans, while having every creation made completely in-house, led me to start my own workshop. As a fully-mature brand now, it inspires me to overlook the creation of each of my products from start to finish: material-to-materialized silhouettes.

Clothing to me is a story-telling and transformational device, and I particularly love giving shape to the ideas of my customers. This is why the ‘Sumaiya Merchant’ label isn’t restricted to my ready-to-wear collection, which are manifestations of my personal creative expression, experiments, and epiphanies.

In lieu, a major portion of my label’s production involves customized clothing, created in close conjunction with customers, to create the perfect portrayal of visions that they seek for themselves. Indeed, it is this passion to fittingly clothe the pursuits of others, which has led my label to successfully grow across categories such as – Clothing for Men & Women, Traditional Wear, Costumes, Bridal-Wear and any unique requirement that piques my creative interest.

Most notably, I recently won an award for ‘Best Costume Design’ at META 2017 (Mahindra Excellence in Theater Awards), for the play ‘Elephant in the Room’ by actor/director Yuki Elias.